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Utilizing Digital Pressure Data Collection Hardware to Eliminate Risks for Gas Distribution Line Testing



Pressure testing natural gas distribution lines is typically done with air and analog gauges. These analog gauges are a good reference tool, however, need to be calibrated to ensure their accuracy and reliability.



Using conventional analog pressure devices for the pressure test leaves the door open for mechanical and human error:

  • The company responsible for performing the test must rely on the end user to report that there were no leaks detected over the “test time” established by company’s operating procedure

  • A single faulty analog gauge or improper test could create a safety hazard if there happened to be a leak caused by a faulty pipe or improper fusion that was identified during installation

  • Manual entry of test data could result in mis-information

  • Multiple instruments to provide a fully compensated reading

  • Sometimes results are lost, not accepted or have to be redone

  • Regardless of the method of data collection, the information MUST recorded and stored in the customer’s record system



With a Vaetrix digital gauge and interface, the process has fewer steps, reduced set up time, and increased safety benefits.  A SINGLE instrument capable of providing nearly immediate data recording, resulting in lower labor cost, maintenance cost and an increase in data quality.  Additionally, the real time results can be viewed live from a safe distance on any compatible mobile device allowing files to be uploaded with date/time and a summary report can be created in minutes with a trend graph for reference.  Finally, the encrypted data is validated and a .pdf file can be printed or emailed to any regulatory body for review. The digital record becomes part of process with very little means of making an error.

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