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Vaetrix Hydro Test App (Android and Apple)

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Looking to ditch those pressure chart recorders or run a digital chart recorder side by side for testing various types of pipeline? Download the Hydro App to see live pressure, min/max, and set alarms to monitor the test window pressure. This includes a audible alarm to instantly take action to either bleed off or add pressure to the pipe for those temperature swings. Tap the graph feature and see a live trending graph on your Android phone or tablet. All this while the data is being stored on the gauge in memory for a permanent record using the Hydro Test Management software. The app works with all Vaetrix ETG or HTG products regardless if they have just pressure or pressure/temperature. 

You will be blown away on how easy this is to use and it's free! Just add the Bluetooth option to any HTG or ETG product with ambient temperature.


New release (March 2024) for both Apple and Android with full .pdf support. The normal files are sent as zip files which must be opened in Hydro Data Management Software.

Key Features

  1. Start/Stop/Configure up to 200 test sessions from your phone or tablet.

  2. View the live pressure graph to detect trends or backup your circular chart if your pens dry out or chart fails to spin.

  3. Set visual and audible alarms to ensure test meets the established pressure criteria.

  4. Upload results directly for review and email files in minutes straight from test site. 

  5. Create the full blown test report with cover sheet, notes, sign-off sheet, and ability to add other .pdf files using the Hydro Data Management Software.

  6. Monitor the alarms, live pressure, and min/max all one screen.. Dashboard effect to make testing a breeze no matter if you deal with electronics or not...

New Email Feature

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Live Graph Mode

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