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Vaetrix Digital Gauges Streamline Pipeline Testing & Ensure Compliance

In today's demanding regulatory environment, pipeline operators require smarter solutions to streamline testing procedures, ensure compliance, and prioritize safety. That’s why Vaetrix developed the revolutionary digital pressure gauge – a comprehensive solution designed to address these challenges.

Traditional pipeline testing methods can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Vaetrix digital gauges offer a revolutionary solution by addressing these challenges and empowering operators to archive multiple benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Efficiency & Data Integrity

  • Eliminate manual data entry and paper records

  • Secure electronic data capture reduces errors

  • Centralized data storage simplifies document management

  • Digital reports streamline record-keeping for audits


  • Confidence Through Accuracy & Verifiability

  • Meticulously record pressure data throughout tests

  • Built-in safeguards prevent logging with uncalibrated gauges

  • NIST-traceable calibration certificates ensure accuracy

  • Calibration due date displayed on unit for easy verification


  • Streamlined Workflows & User-Friendly Design

  • Minimal training required for technicians

  • Generate digital reports directly on the software

  • Reports include operator ID, timestamps, and pass/fail results

  • Timed test modes and real-time leak rate displays

  • Bluetooth for data transmission to mobile devices and servers


  • Investing in the Future of Pipeline Safety

  • Mitigate risk of fines with accurate and verifiable data

  • Secure, encrypted test records for peace of mind

  • Streamlined workflows for efficient testing

  • Confidence to focus on pipeline safety and integrity

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