In 1975, Taylor Valve Technologies initiated the use of high accuracy digital pressure gauges under the Vaetrix name. The rugged construction, high accuracy, and ability to measure temperature, datalogging, and portable design made it an ideal solution for several oil and gas pipeline manufacturers and contractors. Several customers use these gauges along side or as a substitute for the traditional deadweight testers and paper chart recorders found in pipeline hydrostatic testing. Many of these gauges are still in use today.

In 2018, Taylor Valve Technologies decided to leave the digital gauge business to further focus on the core business and the Vaetrix brand was purchased by JM Test Systems out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All service, calibration, and production will continue for the EGauge line through the Baton Rouge facility. Through a joint venture, an agreement was reached with JM Test Systems to further strengthen the Vaetrix portfolio of products by designing and developing new products. Their knowledge of process instrumentation, calibration, and ability to service the customer made it the perfect fit. We are excited about carrying on the Vaetrix name and taking it to new levels of innovation, quality, and dependability right here in New England. With over twenty years of product manufacturing and design for process control instrumentation, you can feel confident the product will meet your expectations. Listening to the voice of the customer is critical to success in any industry. We welcome any feedback you may have on products, accessories, literature, or whatever may be on your mind. 


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