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Pick any (ETG) Digital Test Gauge, (HTG) Hydro Test Gauge, or (HTP) Hydro Test Probe. Plug in the USB cable and add the software to see live data on the PC and create professional test reports. 

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Vaetrix PC Live

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Software... $750 MSRP

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Works with all ETG and HTG pressure products for graphing pressure & temperature.  

Do you need an easy and cost effective way to monitor temperature and pressure for testing pipe or pressure vessels on a Windows PC? Just pick up Vaetrix PC Live and monitor several gauges at one time. 

Create secure files with date and time stamp directly into an Adobe .pdf file. Upload the results from the gauge with a standard USB cable. Save time, money, and create professional reports by eliminating the need to work in Word, Excel, or other programs to piece things together. This includes the ability to add files from other sources to create one report. Pick and choose the order in which the pages appear. Print the file and have the test witness sign off on the hard the copy record for paperwork compliance. 

Key Features

  • Add testing notes on the fly while recording on the PC

  • Monitor several pressure or temperature gauges at one time

  • Add files to the report and arrange in any order

  • Create test windows to pinpoint testing conditions

  • Set and monitor high and low pressure with alarms in accordance with test criteria

  • View data points or raw data points 

  • Sign-off page created with ability to enter technicians 

  • Create and save tamper-proof .pdf files

  • All files contain a unique ID number when printed for tracking purposes

  • Cover sheet, notes, and sign-off sheet created with each report

Accurate live pressure and temperature monitoring with easy to use software. 

Get Adobe Reader

We recommend Adobe Reader or DC for optimum viewing and file creation. Get it free from Adobe.


Key Feature: Multiple gauges and temperature probes live simultaneously or combine files with same time window. 

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Feature: Drag and Drop .pdf files from other sources to make report creation easy. The software automatically page numbers and assigns a unique test report number for traceability. 

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