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Our family of Gauges include NIST certificate with data and are backed with a 4 Year Warranty. This combination of features and factory support gives you excellent value for the price. With true graphic displays and features like snapshot, visual alarm, real time clock, and dual sensor technology, Vaetrix takes calibrating  and measuring pressure to a new level. 

ETG Calibration Gauge

With advanced microprocessor technology, protective rubber boot and active graphics display, the Vaetrix ETG provides an accurate, reliable, and rugged solution for pressure measurement and datalogging applications. 

Digital pressure logger
ETG Process Gauge

Looking for a digital pressure gauge loaded with features and do not require ±0.05% full scale accuracy? We still include the protective rubber boot, batteries, and NIST certificate with data. Explore the accuracy and range options below. 

Panel mount digital pressure gauge
ETG Panel Mount Gauge

Looking for a reliable and accurate digital pressure gauge for a fixed mount application? ETGP is loaded with features to make testing easy and it runs off USB power. Just plug in the AC wall adapter that is included with the product and press the down arrow to explore the features. 

HTG Hydro Series and Hydro Kits

Dedicated gauge series for hydrostatic or pneumatic testing with pressure and temperature measurements. Rugged, yet accurate enough to replace several chart recorders. Easy to use software lets you create test reports for data validation. Build a hydro kit for your application.

HTP Crop PIC_edited_edited.jpg
HTP Hydro Temperature Probe

Looking to lose those cables or want to manage temperature outside of 100 feet for various locations on the pipeline? Add this temperature gauge anywhere as a standalone datalogger and merge the data right into the Hydro Data Management Software. We have fixed mount probes with a standard twelve-inch RTD or flex probe options if you are looking to monitor pipeline temperature under ground. We can even do custom length probes for scenarios that require an option longer than six feet. All HTP's come with a NIST Cert/Data and four-year warranty. Nothing new for Vaetrix. 

Hydro Data Management Screen Shot_2-4-20
Hydro Data Management Software

This powerful software package is included with all Hydro Test Gauges. You can also add it to your ETG Gauge and create full blown hydro reports with cover page, notes, sign-off page, alarms, and much more. Ideal for testing to ASME B31.3 and replacing several analog gauges to save maintenance costs. Software is user friendly and no need to export to Word or Excel to get the job done. 


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