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Taylor Valve


Feature Highlights

  • Quickly test pressure in seconds up to 5000 PSI with the Slip-On Type (no threads)

  • Lock-On threaded type are available for pressures over 5000 PSI

  • 316 SS 1/4" FNPT or 1/2" FNPT Probes and Plugs for corrosive fluids or sour gas

  • Troubleshoot hydraulic or pneumatic lines without breaking pressure or shut-off valves

  • No teflon tape required

  • Metal to metal seat plus elastomer seal for bubble tight connections

  • Mesh screen filter debris to reduce contamination while taking measurements

Save time and money testing with the Taylor Valve plugs and probe system. Registered product of Taylor Valve Technology.

Product Specifications

Gauge Probe Fittings (316 SS) 


1/4" FNPT Slip-On Type                   PN: 16-234252

1/2" FNPT Slip-On Type                   PN: 16-234253

1/4" FNPT Lock-On Type                 PN: 16-217252

1/2" FNPT Lock-On Type                 PN: 16-217253

Gauge Plug Fittings (316 SS)

1/2" MNPT Lock-On Gauge Plug    PN: 16-154554

1/4" FNPT Lock-On Gauge Plug     PN: 16-054554

1/2" MNPT Lock-ON Gauge Plug    PN: 16-164554

(with Metal Cap)

Consult us for other options and rebuild kits. 

Gauge Probe Fittings.JPG
Gauge Plug Fittings.JPG

Measure, Record, Calibrate...Faster and with Confidence

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