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Pressure Leak Testing - Decay Method

Pressure leak testing is used in many applications to verify product or process integrity. A leak test can be done with just two button clicks. Just press the DOWN arrow key to access program mode and select Leak Test. Once selected, the test will automatically start.  

Leak Test Menu Shot.png

To stop the leak test at anytime, press the RIGHT arrow key to highlight STOP. Once the test is complete, the gauge will display the leak rate in units per minute and elapsed time. A test must be performed a minimum of ten seconds to get an adequate number of samples to calculate the leak rate. 

Leak Rate Menu Shot.png

Ideal for testing a split and sleeve clamp for underwater pipe repair. Monitor the pressure between the annular space between the clamp and pipeline to ensure a leak free seal at 1.5 times the MAOP of the pipe. Screenshot the display with your phone or run a complete datalogging test and upload the results via USB or Data Director Application.

Pressure Leak Testing (Decay Method) per Quality Digest

To learn more about pressure leak testing, check out this four part series on common practices and methods for testing. 

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