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Pneumatic Pressure Testing - Data Logging with Vaetrix ETG 


Pressure testing is the practice of subjecting pipes or pipeline systems to pressure above operating pressure to confirm the integrity of pipe and fittings that make up the system. The concept is to pinpoint any weaknesses before something goes wrong. For most low-pressure gas lines, the preferred test medium is compressed air or nitrogen. For example, a two-inch service main may be tested around 100 psi for 10 to 15 minutes and must hold steady pressure. Increased regulations now require that all new transmission lines, distribution lines, or service line installations to be pressure tested before being placed into service.

Retrieving Pressure Data using the Data Director App

Any Vaetrix ETG equipped with the Bluetooth option will work with the Data Director application. Data-logging sessions can be configured, started, and stopped using our phone or tablet. The interface is very easy to use and gauge clearly indicates LOG on the LCD display

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Man Welding Pipe for Pressure Testing

While company policies vary on what type of device is acceptable for testing, one thing is consistent. The results must be recorded and stored into the gas company’s record system. So, whether the technician is using a pressure chart recorder, analog gauge, deadweight tester, or even a digital pressure data logger, they must ensure the results are scanned in and uploaded back in the office. This takes time and can be expensive if the test results are lost, not accepted, or have to be redone. What if there was a faster and more reliable way to view, store, and share test results in the field?

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Upload the results with one button click. View and rename sessions on the phone, upload results to the phone, or take it a step further and save them to the cloud. The account is free from Google and can be setup for any business or individual gmail account. Add testing notes using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and create a secure .pdf to share the file. Email a copy of the test or share a link to the file. All you need is an internet connection. 


The Vaetrix ETG can store 64,000 records or 200 sessions in the gauge memory. Each pressure point is recorded with a date/time stamp from a real time clock within the gauge.  Data is stored until you erase or delete the memory in the gauge. If you prefer to transfer the results using USB, just plug in the cable and download the Data Director software application for your PC.

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Pick 0.05%, 0.1%, or 0.25% of full-scale accuracy to fit your accuracy requirements. The accuracy is based on a temperature range of 14°F to 122°F and remains constant through the pressure range selected. All ETG units come with a NIST Certificate and Data. The serial number and gauge model information is recorded on every data logging session to ensure traceability.

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