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Vaetrix EGauge 3

Rugged Digital Deadweight

What's Included: Manual, NIST Certificate with Data, Batteries, Data-Logging, Software, Bluetooth Dongle, Equipment Case

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Save time and money hydrostatic testing with the EGauge. Supported by JM Test Systems. 

Feature Highlights

  • Add (1) or (2) RTD's for temperature monitoring

  • Datalogging up to 100,000 readings with temperature

  • Dual Pressure Technology - Built in barometric sensor tracks ambient pressure!

  • View results as text files or in encrypted format with the EPlot Software

  • Large graphics display (0.9" character height) with easy to read menus

  • 11 Point ISA 37.3 Calibration

  • Real time clock to capture readings with date and time

  • 250 hours of typical use on 4AA alkaline batteries

General Specifications

Pressure Accuracy (5K and Below): 

±0.02% of Full Scale from 1-10% Operating Range

±0.05% of Indicated Reading from 10% to 100% Operating Range

Pressure Accuracy (10K and Up):

±0.05% of Full Scale from 1-100% Operating Range

Temperature: ±1°F

Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries (LR6)

Operating Range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

Storage Range: -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C)

Communications: Bluetooth

For complete specifications consult the User Manual.

Available Ranges

0 to 200 PSI

0 to 500 PSI

0 to 1000 PSI

0 to 3000 PSI

0 to 5000 PSI

0 to 10000 PSI

0 to 15000 PSI

0 to 20000 PSI

RTD Options

(Choose 1 or 2 Ports)

15 Foot RTD Probe

25 Foot RTD Probe

50 Foot RTD Probe

100 Foot RTD Probe

Deadweight vs EGauge (Hydrostatic Testing)

Save time and money hydrostatic testing with the EGauge 3. A standard deadweight tester is accurate to a tenth of percent (0.1%) provided you are level, weights are undamaged and clean, necessary corrections are made for the test environment, and the operator is experienced. Add the time it takes to setup the table, add the valves, attach the pressure hose, determine which mass or weights are needed, record the readings, make the corrections, and then take everything down. 

With the EGauge1 just turn the power on, make the pressure connection, insert RTD(s), apply pressure, record results electronically if required, and turn the power off. The accuracy of the gauge is better than 0.1% over operating temperature. The EGauge 1 has proven itself in harsh environments under rugged handling as an accurate and dependable field service gauge. 

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