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Vaetrix ETG Calibration Gauge

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Certificate of Calibration

CE Declaration


What's Included: Quick Start Guide, NIST Certificate with Data, Protective Rubber Boot, Batteries, and 4 Year Warranty

Feature Highlights

  • Dedicated menus to see live readings for leak testing and min/max

  • Datalogging up to 64,000 readings with Data Management Software

  • Dual Pressure Technology - Built in barometric sensor lets you run in gauge or absolute mode!

  • High and Low Alarms with icon notification and red backlight warning

  • True graphics display with true type font and easy to read menus

  • Bluetooth option with Vaetrix E-Mobile Application

  • Snapshot feature to capture pressure readings with date and time

  • 1000 hours of typical use on 3AA alkaline batteries

  • Restrict engineering units and menu items with lock or unlock feature

  • ASME B40.7 Grade 5A Accuracy

General Specifications

Pressure Accuracy: ±0.05% Full Scale (Includes all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature, and stability based on one year)

Barometric Accuracy: ±0.35% Full Scale

Power: 3 AA alkaline batteries (LR6)

Operating Range: 12°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

Storage Range: -10°F to 150°F (-23°C to 65°C)

Communications: USB or Bluetooth BLE with option

Update Rate: 4 readings per second

For complete specifications consult the User Manual.

-12 to 15 PSI

-12 to 30 PSI

-12 to 100 PSI

-12 to 300 PSI

-12 to 500 PSI

0 to 1000 PSI

0 to 3000 PSI

0 to 5000 PSI

0 to 10000 PSI

-15 to 15 PSI

-15 to 30 PSI

Available Ranges

Most products will ship within 24 hours direct from factory in the United States

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