Vaetrix Gauge History (Taylor Valve to Present)


Gauge 1 – 1972 to 1993

Vaetrix starts manufacturing the Gauge 1 with a rechargeable battery and a 3 ½ digit display in 1972, after 1980 we changed the Gauge 1 to a 4 ½ digit display. In 1990, the old gauge was obsoleted and not manufactured any longer, retrofits were updated with the 9-volt battery to the old Gauge 1.


Gauge 1.5 – 1992 to 1994

This was the original design for the new Gauge 2, but when this was sent for testing, they had found out that this was not suitable for Intrinsically Safe operation, so this unit was manufactured for about 1 year. These were still running off (1) 9-volt battery in the same style of body for Gauge 1.


Gauge 2 - 1993 to 2017

The Gauge 2 was rolled out in April of 1993 with Intrinsically safe rating PER UL on all units below 5000 PSI, any unit above this pressure rating was not Intrinsically a safe unit. The Gauge 2 originally had UL & CUL rating, then in 1995 we moved over to doing CSA rating and dropped the UL/CUL rating on the gauge. At one time the Gauge 2 had both CSA UL/CUL logo on the gauge.  


Gauge 3 - 2000 to 2010

The Gauge 3 went to market in January 2000 with a processor to manage 1600 data points of memory along with RTD and used infra reader to download data and Taylor Plot software that downloaded the log encrypted into a graph page along with tabulated data. The gauge 5000 PSI and below was .05% of I.R. including temperature 32°F to 122°F.


Gauge 4 – 2002 to 2017

The Gauge 4 was started to replace the Gauge 2. This was nothing but a digital pressure gauge just like the Gauge 2. It was processor driven with auto zero function and included an engineering unit with absolute pressure.


EGauge 1 - 2010 to 2020

EGauge 3 - 2010 to 2020 

Digital gauge tailored to hydro testing pipeline with the ability to read in (2) RTD’s and record the results for uploading via Bluetooth using the EPLOT program. Full graphics display and ran on 4 AA alkaline batteries.


EGauge 3 was housed in the original hammer cast enclosure and EGauge 1 was manufactured as a traditional round gauge design.



ETG Series – 2018 to Present

ETG Series was developed by Greg Lindstrom and Jason Dewar under the new Vaetrix brand with investor (JM Test Systems). The gauge features a full graphics display and ability to store and upload data via USB. Bluetooth was added an option along with Apps for Android and Apple to control the gauge and process the data. Intrinsically Safe approval for North America was achieved in August 2020.


HTG Series – 2020

Dedicated product focused on Hydrostatic pressure testing and built to replace the EGauge 1 and EGauge 3. Features USB communication and advanced software for creating full blown test reports without the aid of other programs. Available in the original hammer enclosure (HTG) or Pelican case (HTGX).


Hydro Data Management Software – 2020

Custom software with built in data encryption that lets you create cover pages, add notes, combine .pdf files, set alarms, test windows, and much more. Used with both the ETG and HTG product line.


VRTD – 2020

Re-designed RTD probe in August 2020 with robust connections on both the RTD and Amphenol connection side for the HTG products. Available in lengths from 4 to 100 feet.

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