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Temperature Probe

HTP Hydro Temperature Probe

Feature Highlights

  • 72" Flex Probe with 12" Platinum RTD for easy mounting 

  • Standalone NIST Traceable Datalogger - Up to 64,000 readings

  • No cables or connections to worry about

  • Direct input to the Hydro Data Management Software 

  • Large Tri-color graphics display with true font in °F or °C

  • Selectable data interval from seconds to minutes

  • Custom lengths available on request

Models: HTP-72-FLEX (72" Flex Probe with 12" RTD)

Models: HTP-12 RTD (Fixed 12" RTD)

$650 MSRP

Quick Start Guide, NIST Certificate with Data, and 4 Year Warranty

Most products will ship within 48 hours direct from factory in the United States. 

HTP KIt Open.jpg

Need a portable testing solution? Add an ETG and make it a HTGP kit!

We put everything in a custom made Pelican 1605 Air case. Mix and match your HTP-Flex probes for any application in one convenient case. 

Product Specifications

Temperature Accuracy: ±1°F (Includes all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature, and stability based on one year.

Resolution: XXX.X

Immersion: 12" length

Power: 3 AA Alkaline Batteries (1000+ hours)

RTD Operating Range: -22°F to 302°F (-30°C to 150°C) 

Unit Operating Range: 14°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C)

Update Rate: Four readings per second

Output Connection: USB - Micro B

*For complete specifications consult the User Manual.

Multiple Gauges PC Live.PNG
HTP Flexd.png

Measure, Record, Calibrate...Faster and with Confidence

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