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Vaetrix Data Director App

Looking to ditch those pressure chart recorders for testing various types of pipeline? Turn on the data-logging feature with any Vaetrix ETG Series with the Bluetooth Option and download the Vaetrix Data Director app for a complete pressure logging solution. 

Vaetrix Data Director is a free application designed to help you manage data logging files from your phone or tablet. No need to run the gauge back to shop and download the results or lug around a PC in the field. Just three clicks on the app and you have downloaded the files from the gauge and saved them to the phone or Cloud using the Apple application. There is no subscription fee and you the only thing you need is a Google or gmail account. For best results, we recommend you install the Google Drive and Sheets application on your Apple device. Send links to files or create a .pdf file via straight from your phone via email.

Android version currently under development for uploading files to Google Drive. Works with all ETG gauges units that do not have the TP option enabled. 


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Key Features

  1. Start/Stop/Configure up to 200 test sessions from your phone or iPad

  2. View the pressure graph to detect trends with the ability to Zoom

  3. View each pressure data point taken with date/time stamp

  4. Setup high and low alarms to trigger datalogging sessions automatically

  5. Upload results directly to the cloud in seconds

  6. Share .pdf files in the field for management approval or links to the file

Remote Gauge does not currently work with ambient temperature option (-TP).  Upgrade to the Hydro App. Always enable Location Services on the install.

Image Gallery

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Verify your test results in the field and share instantly. This includes the graph and individual points with date/time stamp for further evidence or validation. No need to worry about scanning in a paper chart and uploading it to a computer. Send a .pdf file directly from the phone or tablet to management for approval. 



Easily flip to seeing the raw pressure data, points on the graph, return to the big picture, or see the next session without going back to the menu. 



Show data points on the graph and zoom in for detail. The graph is placed in landscape mode for optimum viewing on phones or tablets. 

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