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ETG Data Management Software


Works with all ETG series products.

Turn your Vaetrix ETG into a full blown datalogger capable of storing 64,000 samples or 200 sessions. The software is very easy to use and can be configured in the gauge itself or with the PC. Data is stored as an Excel file with built in graphing function to detect pressure trends over time. A process can be monitored and a session can be automatically ​started using the High or Low Alarm function in the gauge. Before each session is started, the display clearly indicates the number of samples that can be captured based on the current memory capacity. The link below or button above will let you use the software for free up to 100 points. There is no limitation on the number of sessions you can try. 

Download Free Trial Software Here

An activation code is required to receive the professional version. Contact the factory for further details or click the Activate Software button to start the order process. You will be assigned an order number and we will contact you for processing. 

If you are having difficulties installing the software, use these general guidelines for assistance or give us a call at 888-797-3740. 

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Data Management Software Overview

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