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Analog Pressure and Temperature Chart Recorder Comparison

Circular pressure and temperature chart recorders have been vital part of the process control industry for well over a hundred years. In this short comparison, we are going to list a couple reasons why we think replacing or running a digital pressure and temperature data logger side by side will save you money and time for most short term testing. Contrary to most beliefs, a chart recorder is not required by federal regulations. It is a well accepted means to record pressure and temperature data and may be written into company procedures or established guidelines. Can you imagine if your nurse or doctor had to take the time to interpret your health heart rate on a circular chart spit out by an EKG machine? Hope those pens have fresh ink..

  • Maintenance Costs: Recommended yearly calibration cost at $100 or less at most labs versus a pens, paper, and check every time the analog chart recorder comes back from a job due to mechanical linkage.

  • Shipping and Handling: 1 pound gauge versus a 20-50 pound box

  • Accuracy: 7x to 10x more accurate than most analog chart recorders over temperature

  • Data Management: Files stores on digital device on non-volatile an uploaded via USB in minutes. Paper or digital records can be produced to meet company procedures.

  • Flexibility: Data intervals can be changed in seconds to meet test criteria. No additional charts required.

  • Feedback: Run leak tests or verify Min/Max/Live pressure while recording for instant feedback on gauge or mobile device. Circular charts take much longer to produce a result and interpret to verify a trend. 

  • Training: Virtually no training required to run software and verify test results

  • Traceability: Each pressure point is captured with data/time stamp. Data is uploaded and encrypted in software. 

  • Price: $700-$800 for digital pressure gauge with software versus $700-$1500 for most analog chart recorders.

  • Warranty: 4 Years versus 90 Day or 1 Year

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