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After working several gas distribution customers we took our standard panel mount gauge and mounted it in a small, rugged enclosure for those remote pressure monitoring or logging applications.  The exterior 1/4" FNPT connection and viewing window lets you keep the enclosure closed for those days when it's snowing or raining. The USB port is mounted right to the gauge for easy uploads or even power up the gauge from the port. Add Bluetooth and you can keep track of things via your phone or tablet within about 40 feet.  If you are looking for even better battery life be sure to check our Lithium Ion rechargable pack, It's a great backup power source as well. 

Distribution Test Gauge

Excluding Sales Tax
  •  0.1% Full Scale over -10°C to 50°C (12°F to 122°F)

  • Backed with a 4 year warranty and unlimited customer support. We fully support our products right here in the USA. If you have any pressure application challenges, give us a call and we do our best to solve it.  

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