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Natural Gas Regulator Testing and OSI Engineering Unit

A common operating pressure for natural gas appliances is about seven inches of water column or re-stating this to a common measurement of 0.25 psi. All Vaetrix gauges can read inches of water at 4°C, 20°C, and 60°F. Just hit the Units key and select INH2O@4C, 20C, or 60F. What about those companies that use ounces per square inch or sometimes referred to as OSI?

Just download the latest version of the Hydro Data Management Software and press the Device Options button. Put in your custom units name and units factor and press the Send to Device button. For OSI that would be 16. The factor is based on 1 PSI.. Please make sure you have a low pressure gauge to ensure it is accurate enough for the application. The pressure range and accuracy of our ETG gauge line is located on the back of unit in the label. 

So for a 30 PSI at 0.05% Full Scale it would be +-0.015 PSI.

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