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Vaetrix Remote Gauge App

Tired of being stuck in front of your gauge or chart recorder to monitor pressure? Turn on the data-logging feature and download the Vaetrix Remote Gauge app from Google Play  or Apple Store for a complete pressure monitoring solution. View live readings from the gauge while performing other functions critical to the job.

Vaetrix Remote Gauge is a free application designed to help you measure, troubleshoot, and calibrate process control equipment. View and analyze pressure trends remotely live on all Vaetrix ETG Series gauges with the Bluetooth communication option. Set high and low pressure alarms so that you can can quickly identify and react to critical conditions. Monitor minimum, maximum, and live pressure readings simultaneously on your phone. 

We use FCC regulated and approved Bluetooth (BLE) for wireless communication. Distance will vary depending on the surroundings and phone settings with a maximum range of 100 meters or 328 feet. In most industrial plants, we have found the average range to be around 12 meters or 40 feet. 


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Remote Gauge does not currently work with ambient temperature option (-TP).  Upgrade to the Hydro App. Always enable Location Services on the install.

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Key Features

  1. Zero Gauge - Perform a zero to eliminate offset errors

  2. Hide Gauge Display - Lockout local display and increase update rate

  3. Unlock Admin Features - Configure the gauge to your preferences

  4. Show Min/Max - View min, max, and live pressure readings

  5. Show Tare - Tare live pressure or enter in value

  6. Data Logging - Start, configure, or stop a logging session

  7. Start Leak Test - Calculate leak decay in units per minute

  8. Turn Damping On - Ideal for applications with pulsating pressure

  9. View Snapshots - View recorded readings with date and time stamp

  10. Limit Engineering Units - Narrow down choices based on pressure range

  11. Use Gauge Sensor - Switch from gauge sensor to barometric

  12. Configure Alarms - Turn on, off, or set low and high pressure alarms

  13. Change Device - Switch devices if monitoring more than one process 

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Tare live pressure or enter a pressure value to compensate for dead legs or trapped pressure.


Limit access to features to keep it simple. Set high or low alarms for notification.


Save time scrolling through unwanted units and customize to your preferences.


Perform a pressure decay test and capture results.


See live, min, and max pressure simultaneously for relief valve testing.


Change sensors to capture barometric readings or absolute pressure.

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