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About Vaetrix: What makes us unique?

Vaetrix is a company specializing in industrial pressure gauges, particularly for the oil and gas industry. Their signature product is a groundbreaking data logging gauge, designed to streamline pipeline compliance, improve asset integrity, and empower operators with confidence in their data.

Here's what sets Vaetrix apart:

  • Digital Revolution: Vaetrix eliminates paper-based records and manual data entry with a secure, digital data capture system. This reduces human error, ensures data accuracy, and simplifies document management.


  • Enhanced Compliance: Automatic alerts for expiring calibrations and tamper-proof reports with integrated data ensure operators stay ahead of regulations and minimize the risk of fines.


  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Continuous data logging with features like leak rate analysis provides a comprehensive picture of pipeline health. This empowers operators to make informed decisions regarding maintenance and risk assessments.


  • Streamlined Workflows: The Vaetrix gauge simplifies workflows through user-friendly features like configurable pressure units and remote data access. This translates to increased efficiency and productivity for pipeline operators.


  • Sustainability Focus: By minimizing leaks and enabling proactive maintenance, Vaetrix gauges contribute to a more sustainable gas infrastructure. This reduces environmental impact and maximizes pipeline lifespan.

Vaetrix goes beyond just a product. They emphasize collaboration and connection:

  • Customer-Centric: Vaetrix actively listens to customer challenges and incorporates their needs into product development.


  • Industry Partnerships: They collaborate with industry leaders to ensure seamless integration of their technology with existing workflows.


  • Regulatory Alignment: Vaetrix works closely with regulators to ensure their gauges meet and exceed safety standards, paving the way for a data-driven future in pipeline integrity.

In essence, Vaetrix is a company that leverages technology to bridge the gap between people, ideas, and information. Their data logging gauge fosters a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future for the gas industry and the communities it serves.

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