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Liability Reduction: Ensure Record Confidence

Safeguard Pipeline Integrity and Simplify Testing with a Digital Gauge

Managing pipeline testing across multiple sites can be a complex task, especially when relying on paper records. These traditional methods are vulnerable to human error – missed data entries, transposed numbers, or incorrect time intervals can all compromise the integrity of your test records. Furthermore, paper records are susceptible to loss or damage, creating significant challenges when inspectors request historical data.

Digital gauges offer a smarter solution for streamlined and secure pipeline testing. By capturing data electronically, they eliminate manual data entry and ensure consistent, accurate results throughout every test. The encrypted test records are tamper-proof, featuring time and date stamps along with GPS coordinates to provide a verifiable chain of custody. This eliminates concerns about data manipulation and simplifies record-keeping for inspectors and internal audits.

Digital gauges go beyond enhanced security to provide a user-friendly experience. With a single button press, technicians can document tests and generate digital reports directly on the software, including details like operator ID, time-stamped pressure readings, and clear pass/fail results based on defined criteria. Synchronization with GIS systems further streamlines testing, while Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy data transmission to mobile devices and secure upload to company servers.

This transition to digital gauges empowers pipeline operators to streamline testing procedures, minimize liability risks through secure and accurate data capture, and focus on the most critical aspect: ensuring pipeline safety and integrity.

Today, complications like aforementioned are prone to error, missed entries, transposed numbers, and incorrect time intervals. Paper records are also vulnerable to loss or damage, hindering data retrieval and raising concerns about data integrity.

However, your business doesn’t have to endure these ins and outs, because with a digital solution, benefits and advantages include:

·         Accurate and Consistent Data: Capture data electronically, eliminating human error and ensuring consistent results throughout each test.


·         Secure and Verifiable Records: Encrypted test records with timestamps and GPS coordinates provide a tamper-proof chain of custody, preventing data manipulation and simplifying record-keeping for audits and inspections.


·         User-Friendly Reporting: Generate digital reports with a single button press, including details like operator ID, pressure readings with timestamps, and clear pass/fail results based on your criteria.


·         Streamlined Workflow: Synchronize with your GIS system for pre-loaded pipeline lists and auto-select test durations.


·         Easy Data Transmission: Transmit test data to mobile devices via Bluetooth and upload securely to your company's server.

·         Reduced Liability: Consistent data collection throughout every test minimizes the risk of errors and ensures regulatory compliance, ultimately reducing liability.

By transitioning to digital gauges, pipeline operators can gain peace of mind knowing their data is secure, their testing procedures are efficient, and the integrity of their pipelines is safeguarded.

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